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A Portal for Holistic Medicine  [Reciprocal Link]
Directory of Providers, Directory of Retailers, Useful Articles, Frequently Asked Questions, and so much more. Visit Althealthconnect.com.
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Acupuncture Practitioners  [Reciprocal Link]
Create a profile in the Alternative Health Connection for global and local visibility.
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Alternative Health care Directory  [Reciprocal Link]
Search our database of wellness practitioners based on specialty, name or location. Find a retailer selling alternative care services or products. Create your custom made profile.
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Alternative Health Care Providers  [Reciprocal Link]
Complementary health care providers, get listed in althealthconnect's directory for maximum global exposure. Lots of member benefits to enjoy.
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Alternative Medicine for Weight Loss  [Reciprocal Link]
If you are an acupuncturist specializing in Weight Loss, register your services in this portal for better visibility.
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Alternative Providers Directory  [Reciprocal Link]
If you are an Alternative Provider, make sure your profile is in Althealthconnect.com. It is a globally searchable directory of providers.
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Alternative Therapies for Physical Disability
Provides information on alternative, complementary, energy-based, or innovative therapies for physical disability, including spinal cord injury (SCI) and dysfunction.
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AlternativeHerbalMedicine.org  [Reciprocal Link]
Find a holistic health care practitioner in NIAHC's comprehensive and easy to search directory and book an appointment today.
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An Croiceog: The Beehive
Offers information about courses on meditation, reflection, and spirituality in a variety of ways.
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AyurvedicDoctors.net  [Reciprocal Link]
If you are a certified holistic medical doctor, you can create a custom made profile all by yourself and update it periodically.
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Brighten Your Life
Offers an eBook on the methods of bright light therapy for depression and sleep.
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Chios Energy Field Healing
Comprehensive online tutorial of advanced techniques in energy field (aura and chakra) healing.
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Medical and biological effects through light and colors. Method, training workshops, and burn treatment information.
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Directory of Holistic Medical Practitioners  [Reciprocal Link]
Search for your new, prescreened caregiver by specialty, name or location.
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Find a Holistic Practitioner  [Reciprocal Link]
The first ever global, comprehensive database of holistic medical practitioners brought to you by the National Institute of Alternative Health Care.
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Get listed in the Alternative Health Care Directory  [Reciprocal Link]
Create a profile in the Alternative Health Connection for global and local visibility.
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Health Bulletin
Offers alternative, complimentary, and preventive health news. Provides factual health information from leading scientists.
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Homeopathic doctor in California  [Reciprocal Link]
Sandra Kamiak, specialist in Homeopathy and Psychosynthesis.
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HomeopathyPractitioners.org  [Reciprocal Link]
If you are a homeopathic practitioner looking for a higher profile for your business to thrive, register with the Alternative Health Connection and get noticed.
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Methods of Healing
Provides information on different methods of healing people such as reflexology, aromatherapy, and reiki.
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Natural Health and Longevity Resource Center
Information exchanges on natural health, complementary medicine, longevity, healing methods, and holistic health.
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NaturopathicPractitioners.org  [Reciprocal Link]
Visit Althealthconnect to register your business and be part of a global health care directory.
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Offers recipes, food guide, as well as health and wellness information, with a focus on holistic, vegetarian, and alternative therapies.
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Portal for Alternative Providers  [Reciprocal Link]
Get more business by creating your profile at althealthconnect.com. Become a member today.
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Portal for Holistic Practitioners  [Reciprocal Link]
DIY templates for alternative health care practitioners are available in The Alternative Health Connection portal. Register today.
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Reiki for Healing  [Reciprocal Link]
DIY templates for alternative health care practioners are available in The Alternative Health Connection portal. Register today.
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Remen, Rachel Naomi
Medical reformer, educator, and pioneer in the mind/body holistic health movement. Author of Kitchen Table Wisdom, among other books.
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Shirley's Wellness Cafe
Natural health care, prevention, and holistic medicine for people and animals.
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Soil and Health Library
Electronic library of books, mainly concerned with natural hygiene.
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YogaTherapist.info  [Reciprocal Link]
Log on to the Alternative Health Connection portal to create an attractive profile for your practice.
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